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21 Day Challenge starts soon

21 day challenge


Lyttelton Primary students and general community will take on a new challenge this spring. Starting 30th October, they will commit to changing one behaviour for the good of the environment and their own health and wellbeing.

Run as "Spring Festival of Change" in 2016, the 21 Day Challenge recognises that most people are aware of and motivated to make changes which benefit the planet, but they are just too busy with life to get into the habit. Making a (public) commitment to stick to something for 21 days means there is a very good change they will create a lifelong good habit.

The challenge isn't supposed to be an exercise in extreme discipline or something out of your "tood hard basket." Make it something fun and creative, which you've been thinking about already and you can share with family or friends.

People have already made commitments to

  • speak te reo at least once a day for 21 days
  • write down something they are grateful for every day for 21 days
  • follow the climate diet for 21 days

Last year, challenges included

  • walking in nature every day for 21 days
  • reducing car use over 21 days
  • reducing food waste for 21 days
  • eating only local food (grown with 100km of Lyttelton) for 21 days

If you want to get involved

  • fill out the 21DC form
  • join the facebook group
  • instagram #Lyttelton21DC
  • email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • join our email newsletter

Repair Cafes

Our most recent Repair Cafe took place on Sunday November 5th at the Lyttelton Recreation Centre 10:30 - 2:30. We expect to run this event again in April 2018. If you would like to be involved, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.or 328 9243.

The Repair Cafe is envisaged as an event run in conjunction with the Lyttelton Library of Tools and Things, a project currently in development. If you are interested in being involved, donating tools (or things) or want to hear more, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.or 328 9243.

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What's happening at Collett's Corner?


Lyttelton Community has been lucky to have the interim use of a large piece of vacant land where the Empire Hotel and Pharmacy used to stand. This area was known in the past as Collett's Corner, after the chemist J. B. Collett, whose descendants still live in the area.

The current owner, Camia Young of Ohu Development, is the founder of XCHC (Exchange Christchurch) in Waltham, described as “a place to cultivate a creative ecology by supporting people to develop their creative self." Her dream for the site is to create a building with the local community. This will be different then other developments: instead of relying on private property developers and the Council to build the town centre, this will be an opportunity for people to be directly involved in creating and investing in a building they want. It will be a multi-use building where local people will have the opportunity to invest in their town centre’s commercial real estate at the same time as have a say in what is built. 

Ohu Development is working through a process in the following stages:

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2017 Annual Report

Annual Report cover


The Project Lyttelton Annual Report for the financial year 2016 - 2017 is now available to read. We hope you enjoy having a browse through the report.


News from The Lyttelton Community Garden

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It's been a year of progress and partnerships in Lyttelton Community garden. Amazing new raised garden beds were built with a donation of port timbers from Lyttelton Port Company and funding from the Lyttelton and Mt Herbert Community Board.

We had an amazing day when we were joined by Willie and his helpers from South City Community garden who worked so hard with us to fill the raised beds with a huge trailer load of organic compost kindly donated by Living Earth as the process and excitement of building new soil to grow our future produce begins.

Wicking beds were built after our visit to Greening the Rubble in the glass house and we have had a successful trial during the summer months with the plants enjoying water even on the hottest days and with the addition of a new working bench and relaying of our beautiful mosaic path our glass house is ready to grow again.

We harvested our first crops from our new beds with heaps of potatoes and from the back of the garden we harvested over 50 gourds that were ably decorated at a Gourd decorating class held as part of the first Creative Sampler event.

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Reusable cups

Only Globelet reusable cups are being used at the street party for ALL drinks and soup. Globelets are New Zealand-made and are recyclable, reusable, BPA-free. You buy your globelet for $2 when you buy your first drink, then the Globelet is yours to use for the night (you can even rinse it at our rinse station!). At the end of the night you can take it home or return it for a refund.

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