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Lift Review: Changing course for life

CHANGING COURSE FOR LIFE: Local solutions to global problems


If you don't fancy reading about the world's problems in a 200-300-400-page book, try this one - just 157 pages. It will give you a quick overview of many issues, from the perspective of a writer who has worked round the world in many places and occupations. He seeks to ‘raise awareness of the need to build a dynamic balance between economic, social and environmental concerns.'

In each chapter there is a clear, often hard-hitting, description of issues, and suggestions on dealing with them.  I think some would be particularly relevant here in Lyttelton, where many of us are working to bring about positive changes locally. Chapters that contain information particularly useful here would be: 4: Agriculture, Environment and Rural Economy - the Foundations of Human Survival; 8: Man and Animal; 9: Art, Education and Spirit: United;  10: Youth meets Wisdom;  11: Health and Medicine - Toward a Universal State of Balance; 15: Greening the City.  Of course, it's best to read the whole book - which doesn't take long.

Some chapters begin with great quotations, such as: Albert Einstein's "The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing."

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Just ask Juliet for a summary, she has several available by email including:
  • "Blessed Unrest", by Paul Hawken
  • "Fleeing Vesuvius", by FEASTA and LE
  • "No More Throwaway People", by Edgar S. Cahn
  • "Sacred Economics", by Charles Eisenstein
  • "The End of Money and the Future of Civilization", by Thomas H. Greco
  • "The Future of Money", by Bernard Lietaer
  • "We the People", by John Buck and Sharon Villines