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Lyttelton Earhtquake Update Fri 4 Mar


PHONE 027 739 1832 OR 941 5656.


  • 8.30AM-6.00PM FRIDAY


Check our for regular updates and tune into Volcano Radio 88.5FM or Face book Lyttelton Time Bank.

  • Tunnel - Same process as last few days. Residents access through the tunnel only. You need a permit pass. Come to the Rec Centre. ESSENTIAL TRAVEL ONLY.
  • Roads - Dyers Pass and Gebbies Pass are open.
  • Travel to Supermarkets - There is a bus leaving at 10.00am and 2.00pm this week from outside the Lyttelton Rec Centre. Goes to Barrington for groceries etc. One hour to shop.
  • To get to CHCH Hospital - Metro Buses are running from Barrington to CHCH Hospital 12 min past the hour. Hospital is the connection area to other areas, though city centre still out of bounds. Last buses run @ 7.00pm. If you are using this Metro connection in line with the supermarket drop off you need to let Don know please (the very kind Don Ross who is running the supermarket travel noted above is prepared to run an extended service to link into the metro bus, if required).
  • Ferry to Diamond Harbour - The Ferry is free. Lytt to DH runs 8.50am - 7.50pm. DH to Lytt 9am to 8pm.

  • Brenchly Boulder - Still being assessed. We hope to have more information on this over the next day or so.
  • Evacuation over Ross/Shackleton/Selwyn from Sat – The majority of residents allowed back home, excludes 4 families. See the list on cork board for full details. Residents SHOULD have this information also on stuck on their homes. They should read this carefully. If we are unable to satisfy their queries they need to go see Steph at the fire station.
  • EQC in town still. A Red sticker does not mean your house is to be pulled down. It's just an initial assessment. Come to Rec Centre for short term accommodation. If you wish to be on site when your home is checked or rechecked, or you wish to have it checked please call Structex co-ordinator, Tristan on 341 8952 or 027 346 9354. Re checks are not being completed without residents being aware.

  • Medical Centre is open from 9.00 - 5.00pm Monday to Friday. Free appointments and will take people that aren't their normal registered clients.
  • Chemist is open 10.00am - 1.00pm today. Update on hours for next week to follow.
  • Counselling and Coping Info - Coping Strategies for Children, Teenagers and Adults. Written information is available at Lyttelton West School on Voelas Rd, Lyttelton Medical Centre on Oxford St and here at the Lyttelton Rec Centre on Winchester St.
  • Social Worker Emily from CDHB – Child Mental Health Social Worker available to discuss any concerns that families may have at this time. Contact through Lytt Rec Centre.

  • WINZ ARE HERE TODAY UNTIL AROUND HALF ONE. However also at Linwood Link and Pioneer Stadium Welfare Centre.
  • Hardship Grants - We do have these forms available at the Rec Centre and they will be delivered to the correct place. However, we really encourage you to go online to complete the form.

  • Couriers – Details on reception glass at Rec Centre.
  • Glazier –coming TODAY with glass. Aaron Shral, 03 342 1324, 027 227 9555
  • Water – Progressively being turned on throughout the harbour basin. Everyone must still BOIL their water, until further notice.
  • Meals at Rec Centre - The community meals are no longer happening. The community is providing lunch and dinner for our vulnerable people in the community and delivering these.
  • Gas - Mondo Vino on Norwich Quay has an exchange supply and it is free.
  • Postal Services – Post will resume on Monday. Free redirection until 31st March, 2011. There may be a pick up service available from the rec today, not confirmed.
  • Accommodation – short term accommodation still being provided by the community. Come to the Rec for assistance.
  • What to do with your Rubble – This will be collected, in due course. PLEASE WHERE POSSIBLE KEEP YOUR RUBBLE ON YOUR PROPERTY.  Where this is not possible stack it on the pavement. Use common sense, don’t block access and weigh down ply board etc so it doesn’t fly about. Parkhouse Road dump is open.
  • Rubbish – Skips have been placed outside the London St Diary and Bells Chemist on London St, but rubbish service is as normal excluding the yellow bin.
  • Pet Food / Pet Whisperer – We have pet food! Can be delivered by our very own ‘Pet Whisperer’, Paul Dahl. He will also feed pets, get in touch direct to Paul on 027 555 1292.  In addition he wants to know about any pets that are in trouble i.e. trapped or abandoned. This is any pet, from goldfish to turtle to goats to hens………..
  • Food – Donations of food are still being accepted. Some of this is being delivered to our neighbouring towns of New Brighton, Linwood, Aranui and Heathcote. We DO NOT need clothes or books.

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