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Recovery Action Centre

The Lyttelton Recreation Centre on Winchester St is to open as a 'Recovery Action Centre'. This is effective as of Monday 7 March. We have been busy setting this up today and tomorrow we are expecting organisations such as EQC,WINZ, Child Youth and Family, Councelling Services, Insurance Services and Red Cross to operate from here. We are open from 9.00am.

Our Time Bank volunteers will remain coordinating at the front desk and will assist you with these services as well as continuing to assist you with accommodation, meal delivery to the frail and vulnerable, working bees and other stuff that arises.

Another busy day at the Lyttelton Recreation Centre today. A huge thank you to those of you that once again turned up to assist with the busyness of what is the Time Bank based at the Lyttelton Rec Centre, and in particular to those that threw off their PJs and nipped down to the Rec Centre in response to my texts this morning.

And to everyone in this community, there are many individuals and groups behind the scenes pulling together to get this community back on its feet. Someone asked me recently if 'there was a community to come back to?' This comment did throw me for a few minutes, it never even occured to me that this community would not get back on it's feet. Hell Yes! Of course there is a community to come back too. This community of ours has always been strong and resilient. We have always worked hard to create a togetherness in our community. The community spirit remains solid and sound. So take that earthquakes! You will not beat us. Onwards and upwards I say...........!

Love Lyttelton

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