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Hi Time Bank family and friends!


It is just I, Jules the co ordinator, taking a week’s break.

I’ve had a few calls this morning and queries over the last few days regarding Time Bank closing for a week. It seems people are concerned about this. Some are angry. Some feel Time Bank is deserting them just when it is needed. Just to clarify - the Time Bank itself NEVER closes.

Nor does it mean the Time Bank stops. You can still get people to assist you during this time. The whole concept of the Time Bank is that you can get all the help you need, simply by accessing the site and posting or responding to a request. It is fair to say that I have worked anywhere from 12-18 hours a day, for 15 days, together with a core group of others. The pace each day has been fast and relentless (I should have at least lost a couple of kilos!). Although it might sound strange, I was (and still am) really happy and ‘humbled’ to be so involved. I have met and worked with some incredible people and many friendships have been forged. However, somewhere in all of this I recall I have two boys that have not seen their mother. In addition, I find myself unable to hold down the simplest of conversations at present. I’m nodding my head but I am not really hearing anything. It is time to stop, before I become of no use to anyone. Everyone has their ‘wall’ and I have whacked into mine!

I had arranged for someone to cover my role. However, that person now finds herself in need of a home and is busy packing up her things as I type.

I encourage you to access the Time Bank site, add your offers and requests. Get them up there. In tandem with this, search for the service you require and contact that member direct. You need to be proactive about this, but it is all there at your fingertips.

If you need a couple of strong people or a group of people to assist in a clean up / tidy up go through the member directory and contact members who you think might be able to assist, even if they have not offered this as a skill. Everyone is keen to help; they just need to be asked.

If you’re a bit stressed at this time and not capable of organising anything for yourself, but need to, then reach out to another member and let them know your needs and get them to organise this for you. A kind of personal assistant if you like. If you think you could be a personal assistant to someone in need add this as an offer. Now would be good!

If you have some spare time and are looking to volunteer and help someone out during this time please have a look at “All Requests”, contact that member direct.

We did set up two working group parties to assist in this area and their contact details are in a previous broadcast. Cathy Bessant has been working hard with her team looking after the elderly and vulnerable and the Rec Centre has all her contact details.

There are a lot of agencies located at the Rec Centre now, as part of the Recovery Assistance Centre. We felt a strong need to have someone local there too. This is important. So we have also arranged for a local friendly face to be behind the counter at the Rec Centre when you pop in. Just about all of the people rostered on this week and next have been working with me over the last two weeks, so they know ‘the lay of the land’ so to speak.

Take care and look out for each other. I will be backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk


Warmest regards

Love Lyttelton

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