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A reflection – creating a democratic process

I have talked on this matter before. My thoughts are ever evolving! This is what I think is important at this stage in our community…

As we move forward there will be many decisions that need to be made. If we want the best for our whole community we need to hear the voice of everyone. The technology exists for making it simple to hear everyone’s voice.

My idea is that everyone from say age 12 upwards has a vote in this community. It would be set up in such a way that the voting process would be easy. My vision is that we as a community would create new habits around voting. Imagine people with their morning coffee sitting down at the computer each day to see what issue might need their opinion/vote that day. It could be a yes/no vote, but at other times it might be ‘where do you sit with this on a scale from 1 -10?’ type vote. This latter would allow the initiators of the question to see whether more clarity was required to get a meaningful vote, and it could also give feeling type responses. Maybe there could be a group of people from across the whole community as the conduit for the questions. There are plenty of people in Lyttelton who have the skills to check that questions are unambiguous and without slant in the wording.

Computers dedicated to the voting system could be set up in all public spaces for those who don’t have home access to computers. A buddy system could be set up for those who don’t use this form of technology.

If we were able in some way to access the voting list from CCC or from the electoral role for all residents in the area, that would be a start. To that we could add young people.

Research shows that a large and diverse group makes better decisions than a smaller and maybe single issued group can make.

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