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Home Energy Advice Clinic -Wed 13th April

There are a few conversations happening at present regarding home heating and concerns re families possibly struggling to heat their homes this winter due to damage earthquake homes. We are currently working on joining all the dots between these various conversations and will update you further in due course. Meantime, if you have concerns in this area or are aware of anybody else please email member Lisa Cardosi at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Lisa has kindly volunteered to be the key contact person in this area and is liasing with Fletchers (Earthquake Recovery Centre here in Lyttelton, NOT the Recovery Assistance Centre, different set up), Katie Nimmo of Home Energy Advice Centre, and the various community groups that also have concerns in this area.
Please read the following invitation from the Home Energy Advice Centre.

Many households in Lyttleton could struggle to stay warm this winter partly due to earthquake damage, but also as a consequence of the older housing stock in the area. The Home Energy Advice Centre ( is dedicated to helping people to learn about, and make good decisions about making their homes warm, comfortable and energy efficient. We like to walk our talk too, so we're coming to Lyttleton offering two services for local residents - a drop-in Home Energy Clinic, or a Barefoot Home Energy Check.

Home Energy Advice Clinic
A Home Energy Advice Clinic provides an opportunity to talk face to face with a knowledgeable, friendly expert about any questions or concerns you have about home energy. HEAC advisors can assist householders on a wide range of topics. These include making good choices about heating appliances appropriate for their needs, which may be something a lot of people have to think about at the moment. We can also hlep to identify causes of high energy costs and ways to reduce them, and choose the most suitable electricity retailer. We recognise that many clients cannot afford to spend a lot of money on heating and/or insulation, or rent their homes. To enable us to provide advice specific to your circumstances bring 1) your most recent electricity bill, plus 2) a rough drawing of the layout of your house, including the size of the rooms you need to heat. To book a one-to-one consultation during a clinic, call 0800 388 588. It is important to book so we can make sure we have enough ad!
visors on hand on the night
When: Wednesday 7pm-9pm.

Where: The Portal, 54a Oxford St. (If you cannot access The Portal due to disability issues, please call the HEAC and we will arrange a time to contact you)

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