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Lyttelton Art Exhibition huge success

A message from the organisers:


Thank you for supporting our fundraising art exhibition last weekend! As some of you know first-hand, it was a huge success!!

Over the three days, the show was open, we had about 300 people coming through, with approximately 200 on the opening night.

31 art works were sold and we raised $4295 from which half goes to the artists and the other half to the Harbour Arts Collective!

For more photos and to read more about the event

We got 100% positive feedback, everybody seemed to be so happy about the fact that life is coming back to town! And I believe doing that through the arts is one of the best ways, since we have all that talent 'sitting' here!


There are now discussions between the Harbour Arts Collective and Jennifer Braithwaite, the building owner (and one of the artists), to keep at least some of that space available for changing exhibitions and similar events!  There is no doubt that Lyttelton and the community would benefit from such an adventure and we will try our very best to make it viable and will look out for any kind of financial help that might be available!

Thank you very much again for trusting that this project would be successful and helping to make it happen!


The Exhibition was funded by the Project Lyttelton Earthquake fund For more information about the fund and how to apply follow this link...

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