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Weekly Broadcast 27 Sep 2010

Weekly Broadcast 27 Sep 2010
Greetings and Salutations to one and all!

Time to get back to our regular time bank broadcasts. There will be no mention of the 'E' or 'Q' word or a combination of either of those letters in this message. :-)

Please note: the time bank office is unattended this week. Emails and phone messages are being attended to regularly. For anything really urgent please call or text on 027 739 1832 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 027 739 1832 end_of_the_skype_highlighting.


The following message is plea from member Yasmin-Maria. I hope someone has spotted him - PLEASE keep your eyes open for a small brown older model honda civic, number-plate JJ5800, that has been (callously) stolen. Long story. I am quite desperate to get this car back, the police say that the most likely scenario is that it will be burned out by it's thieves. Please please report to police if you spy Henry. There are stickers on the back windshield, love pigs not pork, ec, if they haven't been scratched off. There is a dent in the front bumper. No insurance, irreplaceable. :(

LAST FEW WEEKS TRADING INCLUDED: - group gardening working bee, relocation of dirt, sewing of cloth nappies, loan of vehicle, research interviews, coordinaton of Diamond Harbour Time Banking, Community Treasure Chest donations, aromatherapy, child minding, weeding, Akaroa Mail delivery, knitting instruction, furniture alteration, landscaping advice, blog advice, Early Word assistance to LWS, hosting radio show, Farmers Market assistance, gib boarding, house shifting, baking, cleaning, Literacy at LWS, graphic design, and heaps more too numerous to list here!

LATEST OFFERS AND REQUESTS - Don't forget the following are open to any member of any neighbourhood, unless otherwise noted. If you can help with any of these click here

ALI of Lyttelton
Help with Retaining Wall/ terracing - I need 2 or 3 able bodied people to help me put in a retaining wall / terracing in my chook run. I have the posts etc.. and design help from my landscape architect friend. Involves digging 500mm deep holes for posts and shoveling soil. Maybe 2 - 3 hours on a weekend or daylight saving evening. I know what to do just sadly don't have the oomph to do it anymore! Would like to do it soon as I have fruit trees waiting to be planted there.

STEFFAN AND RACHAEL of Diamond Harbour
Mower - Has anyone a petrol lawn mower that I could borrow for a couple of hours? I would like to help a time bank member, who feels a bit overwhelmed with her garden, but I've only got a 'muscle mower', would have to do some fitness training first.

LISA of Church Bay
Mower and Lawn Care - I live in Church Bay and my lawn has grown half way up to my knees. My landlords haven't supplied a lawnmower and I am unable to purchase one. I am hoping there is someone out there who has a whipper-snipper and gets a kick out of using it. All going well this would be a regular task for the summer. The lucky volunteer would get to enjoy pretty views as they worked and lashings of gratitude-refreshments even!

JACINDA of Diamond Harbour
Sow Seeds - I'd love to have my seeds sown by someone. I have the seeds but am just not getting around to it. If you would like to help me out let me know.

YOUNG RUBY AND SKY of Diamond Harbour (children of Jacinda above)
Climbing and Rope Typing Opportunities - We are keen to do more climbing. We are only 4 and 7 so it's pretty low level climbing. Anything with ropes as well is fun too. It could be at your house or outside somewhere.

Drawing and or Painting Lessons - We are keen to do as much drawing and painting as possible. We'd love to do this with other people who may have different ideas or project ideas. These don't have to be formal lessons just someone who likes to paint and draw like us.

MARCIA of Lyttelton
Swap Jigsaws - I have a lot of 1000 piece jigswas that I have done several times and wondered if anyone else is in the same position and would like to swap. Please do not email me.

SUZANNE of Lyttelton
Step Ladders to Give Away - They are wooden and work perfectly well. They could do with a lick of paint if you want them to look all spin and span.

Warmest regards,

Love Lyttelton

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