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Lyttelton Earthquake Update Sun 27 Feb

The Lyttelton Tunnel is now open . You need to go down to the Lytteleton Rec Centre and pick up a tunnel pass. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE - necessary travel only.


  • First evacuation yesterday. As you know there was a rather large evacuation yesterday up and around the top of Lyttelton. This was due to concerns surrounding a very large boulder. This evacuation was called off mid way through. Only four houses in Brenchly Rd were needed to be evacuated in the end. An assessment will be made of the boulder today.
  • Second Evacuation was around 5.00pm and involved houses in Shackleton Tce, lower portion of Ross Tce, Selwyn Rd and Jacksons Rd. This was because of detected land movement. We have a full list of houses and streets posted up at the rec centre. Meanwhile, the information we have been advised to give you is that residents of these affected homes can expect to be out of their homes from 1-10 days, at this point. Further assessements need to be made. So hang tight.

Building Assesments

  • Local emergency services are hoping to get an engineer through today to assess London Street street.
  • EQC are in town looking at homes and businesses. If your home is red stickered, please note, this DOES NOT mean it is to be pulled down. It needs a proper assessement. The assessements being carried out this week are just an initial ones to ascertain if houses are ok to reside in. Some homes have orange 'x' or '?' painted outside on the pavement. We have received conflicting information on this. Updates to follow as soon as is poss.
  • Clarifying a rumour. Yesterday the Coffee Lounge on Oxford St was pulled down. The house next to it was fine and did not need to come down. However, it was connected / tied to the Coffee Lounge and as the demolition processed this house unfortunaly also had to come down. Emergency services would like you to all be assured that they ARE NOT 'willy nilly' pulling buildings down.

Welfare & Accommodation

  • We are working really hard on getting someone from Work and Income to Lyttelton to assist us with your queries in this area. Currently we have a telphone number of 0800 779 997 and would suggest you call this number in the meantime. Locally we are working out some solutions for the short term.
  • Accomadation. We have accomadation for short term if you are displaced and are working on finding longer term accomadation. Please pop down the rec centre to enquire.
Water , Sanitation & Rubbish Collection
  • It is POSSIBLE that the water will come back on in the next few days. I stress POSSIBLE. Meanwhile, it's a good idea to check that all your taps are turned off.
  • Skips will be placed around the township for general rubbish.

Please let us know if you feel someone is not coping, needs food / water or anything else. Come to the rec centre.

Phone Julie Lee 9Lyttelton Timebank) on 027 739 1832 or 941 5656 for further assistance or information.

Keep smiling people!  Jules Lee

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