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Adult Education Programme 


  • Sustainable Living - Lyttelton

Saving money,staying healthy,saving the planet.
  • Time: 10 - 12.30  lunch then 1 - 4.30pm  (Bring your Own Lunch)
    Date:  Sunday November 1st   Cost $25
    Tutor: Rhys Taylor and Jocelyn Papprill
    Venue: Lyttelton Community Garden  -  Oxford Street (behind the swimming pool)
  • Introduction to Te Reo & Tikanga - Lyttelton

    Tutor from Southern Maori Development Trust, Whare Tamanui

    Learn te reo and tikanga through the medium of waiata (song). Whare Tamanui comes to us  highly recommended and enjoys teaching. Come and learn how to participate and respond in a Maori environment with confidence and respect having gained some understanding of the Maori language and tikanga (practices)
    Time: Wednesdays 6.15 - 8.15pm
    Date: August 19th - September 23rd
    Tutor: Whare Tamanui
    Venue: Project Lyttelton Headquarters Oxford Street (behind the swimming pool)  $40
  • Bellydancing - Lyttelton

    Beginners Class  --  Contact Paige on 328 -8883 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Paige is teaching a Bellydancing course in Lyttelton so come and see if you'd like to learn.
    Time: one hour in the evening  for adults 10 classes per course $100.00
    Dates: Term 4 dates TBA
    Tutor: Paige Adamson
    Venue: Lyttelton Club
  • Beginners Contemporary Dance - Lyttelton

    Learn how to move and groove, improve fitness and release tension from your mind and body. This dance class is structured around contemporary dance exercises and sequences designed to improve body awareness, strength and flexibility. Beginners welcome!

    Breeze has taught dance in Melbourne, London and Christchurch from beginners to advanced levels.
    Time: 6pm - 7pm ($8)
    Dates: Wednesdays during term 4
    Tutor: Breeze Robertson
  • Venue: Lyttelton Recreation Centre
  • Call Breeze to register your interest on 328-7338 or email breezeabout

  • Fruit Pruning Workshop - at Project Lyttelton's "Grow Local" site Seven Oaks in Opawa

    Bring your secateurs along and learn how to prune your own orchard. The workshop will cover pruning of grapes, apricots, pears, currants and alpples.

    Cost $10
    Time: 9.30 - 12.30
    Date: Saturday 5th September
    Tutors: Hamish Kelland
    Venue: Seven Oaks - Opawa   Great workshop thanks Hamish!!
  • Flax Weaving – Lyttelton

    8 classes

    Toni is a very experienced and talented weaver who is very happy to share her knowledge with you.
    Time: 6.15 - 8.15pm
    Dates: Thursdays 15th October - 3rd December
    Tutor: Toni Tauwhere
  • Venue: Lyttelton Information Centre    $40
  • Organic Vegetable Gardening throughout the year – Lyttelton

    6 classes

    Bettina will teach you in this hands on course, how to plan your garden, how to grow delicious vegetables and fruit, the pros and cons of weeds,composting and how to keep your soil and plants healthy and procuctive.
    Time: Wednesdays 6pm - 8pm
    Dates: 14th - 28th  October,  then November 11th - 25th.
    Tutor: Bettina Evans
    Venue: Lyttelton Community Garden, Oxford Street (behind the swimming pool)  $40
  • Singing as a Group towards a Choir - Lyttelton

    8 classes Whilma Halliday creates a choir, come along if you like to sing

    Wilma has lots of experience in creating choirs. She started the Choir in Kaikoura as their musical director and that Choir was the backbone of the TV series "Praise Be" Wilma has been a secondary school Music Teacher for 25 years. She's a very experienced choral singer and conductor and gets a great deal of pleasure from seeing peoples enjoyment and achievements.
    Time: 6.15 - 8.15pm
    Dates: Thursdays 15th October - 3rd December
    Tutor: Wilma Halliday
    Venue: Union Parish Church Hall , Winchester Street. $40

    Introduction to Drawing towards Painting in Acrylics - Lyttelton

    8 classes with Stephanie Crisp Chair of Lyttelton Harbour Arts Council

    Stephanie is a working artist painting for gallery outlets, as well as an Art teacher. She has a long list of experiences in the art field and has won art awards including the Telecom White Pages.
    Time: TBA
    Dates: TBA
    Tutor: Stephanie Crisp
    Venue: TBA   cost  $40
  • Lyttelton Lecture Series  October  Tuesdays 7 - 8.30pm Supper provided $25 for 3 lectures

    Lecture 1. Culture  - "Influence of Place on Arts"

    Moderated Round table discusion by 3 harbour artists at The Loons  Chaired by John Selwood
    Time: 7 - 8.30pm
    Dates: Tuesday 13th October
    Discussion panel Cheryl Lucas, Joe Bennett (if he's not overseas)and Stephen McCarthy
  • Venue: The Loons - Canterbury Street

    Lecture 2. History - "Lyttelton Port in times of Peace and conflict"

    Hosted by Lyttelton Port Company on the eve of their 20th Anniversary. Lecturer Professor Geoffrey Rice from Canterbury University.(Author of "Lyttelton: Port and Town, an illustrated History" Published November 2004 and "Black November" Published 1988. Presentation will include an illustrated lecture on "The Port of Lyttelton in Peace and War", covering warship visitors as well as harbour defences, and the port's major role in handling Canterbury's imports, exports and passengers
    Time: 7 - 8.30pm
    Dates: Tuesday 20th October
    Venue: Lyttelton Port Company Board Room - Norwich Quay

    Lecture 3. Environment - "Ecological Restoration of Otamahua Quail Island"

    Hosted by Quail Island Restoration Trust - Presented by 1. Colin Meurk from Landcare Research. Colin has advised many corporate and institutional organisations including Otamahua Quail Island Trust on ecological and biodiversity matters. He will outline the nature of the planting programme on Quail Island and the considerations that determined the selected species. 2. Mike Bowie: Mike is an ecologist in the Ecology Department at Lincoln University. He has been involved in extensive pest eradication programmes (introduced mammalian pests) particularly on Quail Island. Mike's section of this lecture will cover why there has been such an effort to get rid of these pests and indicate the possibilities of re-introducing native invertibrates reptiles and birds to Quail Island's unique protected environment.
    Time: 7 - 8.30pm
    Dates: Tuesday 27th October
    Venue: Naval Point Club - on the Magazine Bay marina.
  • Making Good Compost - at Project Lyttelton's "Grow Local" site Seven Oaks in Opawa

    A practical workshop to understand the composting process and how to convert kitchen and garden waste into compost for the garden.

    Cost $10
    Time: 9.30 - 12.30
    Date: Saturday 17th October
    Tutors: Hamish Kelland
    Venue: Seven Oaks - Opawa
  • Little River

  • Using Your Digital Camera and Computer – Little River

    6 evening classes

    Bryan will guide you through using your camera composing a good image and storing , manipulating and arranging them on your computer. Bring your camera and lap top if you have one.
    Time: Thursdays 7 - 9pm
    Dates: July 23rd - 27th August.
    Tutor: Bryan Morgan
  • Venue: Little River Service Centre $40
    This Course is Full - let us know if you want us to run it again next term and we'll ask Bryan if he's free.
  • Organic Vegetable Gardening throughout the year – Little River

    6 classes

    Gilda will Teach you how to plan and manage your vegetable garden
    Time: Wednesdays 6pm - 8pm + Sunday 9am - 3pm.
    Dates: 26th August - 16th September and Sunday 20th September.
    Tutor: Gilda Otway
  • Venue: Little River Primary School. $40

  • Flax Weaving – Little River

    8 classes

    8 week course to be run in October/November
    Time: TBA
    Dates: TBA
    Tutor: Barbara Filmer
    Venue: TBA

    Naturopathy – Little River

    Weekend with Valmai Becker. Come and make remedies and medicines for a first aid kit. Great Christmas ideas.

    Time: 10am - 4pm
    Dates: Weekend 7th and 8th November.
    Tutor: Valmai Becker
    Venue: Valmai's home.  $40

    Diamond Harbour

  • Senior Net – Diamond Harbour

    Computing for people 55yrs +. Getting started, email, documents, filing etc.

    Cost $25 - $30
    Mondays 10 – 12
  • Diamond Harbour Community Church Hall

    Term 4 -Diamond Harbour

    Parenting – Love it -Diamond Harbour

    “Toolbox” course. Learn What role do rules, routine and charm play in bringing kids on board?How do we create a childhood to remember? And other topics over 6 weeks. Supper provided. Also a years subscription to Parenting Magazine and a Professional workbook to take home.

    Lyttelton – Parenting 0 – 5 year old
    Time: Mondays 7.15 – 9pm
    Date: October 19th - November 16th
    Course fees $ 20 per person or $30 per couple (generously subsidised by Safer Banks Peninsula)
    Facilitator: Sarah Luxford
    Venue: Diamond Harbour Hall (Stage Room)

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