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Grow Harbour Kids


Grow Harbour Kids was a 3-year initiative taken forward by Project Lyttelton to bring food resilience to the younger and future leaders of our community by encouraging all students to enjoy the experience of growing, harvesting, cooking and sharing food within their school environment and beyond. Children in Diamond Harbour, Governors Bay and Lyttelton schools worked to create flourishing gardens in their schools and to share the experience not only with their peers and school community but also involving the preschools and those in the wider community through volunteering opportunities but also through extensive community cooking including forging links with Community House and the Library in Lyttelton and many others.
With many new projects being brought forward by Project Lyttelton Grow Harbour Kids is now quietly based in the Community garden allowing the schools to take on growing their schools gardens whilst still offering support. However watch this space to see a new direction from Grow Harbour Kids coming soon.

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