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Harbour Coop

Lyttelton-Harbour-Coop-LogoThe Harbour Co-op was established in 2012 with direct support from the Harbour Resilience Project. Originally founded in order to purchase the local organic/wholefoods shop, Lyttel Piko, the Co-op is now owned by over 170 local households and organisations. Find out more about this exciting local business

The Harbour Co-op

Lyttel Piko is becoming the Harbour Co-op

Project Lytttelton is strongly supporting the formation of the Harbour Co-op - a community-owned cooperative, which aims to purchase the Lyttel Piko Wholefoods business from the Te Whanau Trust who currently own it, and secure funding for future growth. This means that you, residents of Lyttleton and Christchurch and the customers of Lyttel Piko are being asked to buy shares in a new cooperative and become its owners.

For you, the customers, the benefits will include price breaks on selected items, bulk buying discounts, access to workshops and seminars, more open sharing of information, and potentially profit sharing. But more importantly - we will retain the shop in our community, and you will have a direct say in how the shop is run. All members/owners will have an equal vote on major issues and will elect a board of directors which will steer and oversee the operations of the business.

We need you!Visit Harbour Co-op or read on to find out more...


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