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Harem at the Harbour Light party, presented by the Lyttelton Harbour Business Association

When: Friday 18 June, 7.30pm

Where: The Harbour Light

How much: $25. Bookings essential.

Bookings: Lyttelton Information Centre or London Street Dairy.

Information: Breeze (LHBA) 328 7338 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

bellydance_lyttelton_festival_of_lights4The Harbourlight takes a magic carpet ride veering toward the Middle East for this glamorous and exotic party to open the Festival of Lights. With entertainment by Abbraccia Belly Dance and live music from The Eastern, exotic platters of nibbles and fabulous prizes to be won, Harem at the Harbourlight is guaranteed to bring a sparkle to winter.

The Harem is a chance to dress up, but without too much hassle. Ladies, a touch of glamour is all you need! Think sparkles to brighten up winter. Then add a veil or a coin belt as you wish.

Think maharajas palace, inside the inner sanctum, swathed in veils and mystique, with the heady aroma of incense. Now, place yourself in the centre of that scene. Filmy veils, sparkles, jewels, coins and bold exotic eyes for women. Then picture her swarthy counterpart – a dark-haired, turbaned Middle Eastern god in galibea and gold, with waistcoat and sandals. So turn on your sparkle radar, start channelling Arabian Nights, and get yourself to the Harbourlight in Lyttelton.

The Elektra Dancers, of Abbraccia Bellydance, will be on hand to entertain, and offer some instruction. Egytptian Bellydance is glittering, glamourous, sensuous, and exciting. Paige Adamson has been dancing, performing and teaching for 13 years, and operates Abbraccia Bellydance from the Lyttelton Club in Christchurch, a branch of the Auckland school of the same name, established in the 1970s by Monique Feron who introduced the ancient and exotic art to New Zealand.

Abbraccia, meaning Embrace, celebrates the diversity and gorgeousness of women. And is an opportunity for women to immerse themselves in their femininity in a powerful and enjoyable way.

For more information about Abbraccia Belly Dance please call Paige Adamson on 021 999 848.

Harem at the Harbourlight is proudly sponsored by Decorum, Himalaya, Four Square Lyttelton, London Street Dairy and the Harbour Light.




Reusable cups

Only Globelet reusable cups are being used at the street party for ALL drinks and soup. Globelets are New Zealand-made and are recyclable, reusable, BPA-free. You buy your globelet for $2 when you buy your first drink, then the Globelet is yours to use for the night (you can even rinse it at our rinse station!). At the end of the night you can take it home or return it for a refund.

Apply for a stall

Please email for an application form.

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Glow Paint not Glow Sticks

Glowsticks are lots of fun, but not so great for our environment. The chemical generally used in them is Dibutyl phthalate, which can cause irritation or nausea.

The outer of glowsticks is made of plastic. The combination of Dibutyl phthalate and plastic is a nightmare! We think they would take 1000+ years to breakdown in landfill. If they don't make it to landfill (which they often don't) they're not something we want polluting our waterways.

So we have come up with something that has less of an impact on our environment: Resene have a paint called "Nightlight" ( Follow the safety instructions for this paint and combine it with the idea in this video ( to make glow-in-the-dark bracelets that your children will want to keep and bring out every night! You could also create glow in the dark wands using sticks if short of time. And there must be many other creative ways to play with this stuff!

Happy glowing!