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2016 Spring Challenges to Inspire you

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world indeed its the only thing that ever has. 4

The goal of the Spring Festival challenges is not to succeed (ie to get it right every time, every day) but rather to learn and experiment, and to share our learning with others. We all have our natural cycles, our ups and downs, so be gentle with yourself. In the end, this should be a life-enhancing experience. If the changes aren't sustainable and enjoyable, then let them go and look at something else you want to do. Here are some of the challenges from 2016:

Jill is going to be making music once a week. This was a fantastic example of how one person's actions can inspire anothers: Jill's challenge has given birth to Project Lyttelton's challenge: to learn a waiata that we can all sing together when we have visitors or want to feel connected through song.

Jacqueline, her husband and three teenagers, will be attempting to use all their food scraps during the festival month. Starting with inspiration provided through the Love Food Hate Waste campaign Jacqueline will be hoping to get others to join her in seeing what can be done at home and take the challenge of an empty green bin - have a look at for ideas. Look out for updates about how it goes, and maybe some recipes!

Anne: "I need to walk more and sit less…oh and get our daughter to not just on time (scraping in like) but early, so knowing my nature, I needed my walking to be practical and involve someone else not just me, otherwise I’m less likely to do it! It’s amazing what great conversations can be had on the way to school and what you notice when not whizzing by in the car. We walked 5 days and Amber was early every day."

‬‬Teresa will be learning to cook healthy meals for herself, to treat her health conditions through nutritition, drinking water and looking after herself. Teresa says “I'm luckier than a lot of people out there.” Gratitude and positivity come naturally to Teresa, who always has a smile for people at The Garage Sale. Maria, from Lyttelton TimeBank, will be supporting Teresa by sending her a recipe once a week: Maria says: “I'll put a recipe on the FB page each week that she and anyone one else can cook. Then Teresa and anyone who tries the recipe can send in a photo and comments. The recipes will be designed for people living with Crones Disease.”

Margaret: “I am going to take at least 1 day a week off work and will do no more than 30 minutes on my computer that day. In that time I will garden, read, go to the movies, make music, do creative stuff, walk.”

Maria will be dressing in cheerful, colourful clothing. She's noticed recently how this brightens up other people's days, and how many people comment on how nice it is to see someone dressed cheerfully.

Claire: "I'm keen to go Rubbish free, or at the very least reduce rubbish, I'm not sure I'll manage a month but I'm keen to try!!"

Juliet will be going for a walk in nature for half an hour twice a week (or more). Juliet says that walking in nature, amongst trees and plants, under the sky, near the water makes her feel so much better than just walking down the street from her house to the main street.

Michaela is going to take on the challenge of weeding her flower beds, which have been neglected since the neighbours goat came through the fence and trampled them.

Otis and Louis will be visiting their grandparents, who live just up the road, every day.

Sue-Ellen will be writing a letter each week.

Jill will be walking instead of taking her “petrol-guzzling car”.