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Message From Margaret

Wow what a week this is proving to be! I realise how blessed I am to live in such an amazing community.

Yesterday I went down to the grassy where everyone was gathered listening to music, simply being with each other and relaxing a bit.

I realised in the middle of the night before that the Lyttelton News will be out in a couple of weeks and I thought the best would be to write your stories, so I went down to the grassy with pen, notepad and camera and started talking with people.

What an amazing experience that was. Everyone I spoke with was so in love with this community. Story after story was saying similar things - how everyone is looking out for each other, caring, recognising all our different needs with no judgements. There was great thanks for having the navy in port - and the army people. Strangely, or not so strangely, people feel safe.

The people at the Rec Centre, which includes Civil Defence and a whole range of other volunteers, are doing much of the organising - working with all accommodation needs, registering people who are having to evacuate, giving out resident passes for going through the tunnel. They have information there about the latest situation as things unfold.

One thing I've noticed over recent years as part of the Time Bank is that people find it easier to give than receive. There is a lot of help being offered. Just do a check-in with yourself and see if you have needs, so that you are able to function as well and as healthily as you can in these circumstances.

Take care.

Love Margaret, Chair Project Lyttelton


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