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Ongoing Support for Lyttelton Community groups

As you know we opened the Time Bank garage sale yesterday to raise money for the Lyttelton Community House. They are cooking and delivering meals to those in need in our community. We raised a tidy sum of $400 and I will drop that into them this week. I get all the good jobs!

Lottie and I would like to thank Florence, Gill and Dave for your support yesterday, and everyone that came and spent some dosh. All the wine glasses got sold - funny that!

Next week we will be opening up again to raise money for Plunket. If you can assist please get in touch. The garage sale is in good tidy shape and we can easily run with just 2 to three people.

We are now taking further donations of goodies, not broken or of the 'dump variety' please. You can drop them to The Portal, Tuesday - Friday, 9-5. Please no large chairs and couches or TVs. We struggle to sell these and they take up a lot of room. You could offer these items under the freecycling category of time banking.

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