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Lyttelton, portal to Canterbury’s historic past, a vibrant sustainable community creating a living future

Harbour Voucher Scheme


Lyttelton Harbour Gift Vouchers Suspended

Due to a burglary at the Lyttelton Information Centre, the Lyttelton Harbour Voucher scheme is not currently running.



The Lyttelton Harbour Voucher initiative was a collaboration between the Lyttelton Harbour Information Centre, the Lyttelton Harbour Business Association and Project Lyttelton; made possible by funding from the Department of Internal Affairs for the Harbour Resilience Project.

The main purpose of this initiative was to strengthen the local economy and create awareness of the importance of buying locally to keep our businesses alive, vibrant and diverse. A healthy and vibrant local economy is seen as a cornerstone of an active and resilient community.

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Reusable cups

Only Globelet reusable cups are being used at the street party for ALL drinks and soup. Globelets are New Zealand-made and are recyclable, reusable, BPA-free. You buy your globelet for $2 when you buy your first drink, then the Globelet is yours to use for the night (you can even rinse it at our rinse station!). At the end of the night you can take it home or return it for a refund.

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