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Wendy's wonderful contribution


Humble and hardworking and a much loved mentor and colleague, long term Project Lyttelton Board member, treasurer and project leader Wendy Everingham is stepping down from her Board roles after 16 years. The vast majority of Wendy’s work has been as an unpaid volunteer and her contribution has been outstanding. Anneleise Hall had a chat to her about her time with PL.

“It’s hard to believe it’s that long really”, says Wendy Everingham as she steps down from Project Lyttelton’s board and her Treasurer role.

“In some ways it doesn’t seem that long ago since John and I came over from Melbourne, and were brand new to Lyttelton.

“Then I was going to meetings with Margaret (Jefferies) talking about what Lyttelton wanted to be.”

“It’s pretty amazing that after 10 years we ticked everything off on that list that we both dreamt about in 2003. It was really nice to be working with someone who was thinking so far outside the square and challenging me to do the same.”

She is proud of the projects that have been set up during her time at PL, and over the years she has had input into every project.

“Being in Project Lyttelton really does make you think about sustainability and what that means, how we can make changes to get other people thinking about that,“ Wendy said.

“Getting people to think about what they buy, where they shop how they live, how they get to places. It’s been a great way for experimenting,” she says.

“The time bank was, and still is, such an amazing community building tool, the Farmers Market for local food, the Community Garden teaching people how to grow their own produce, everything’s about connecting and learning. The Garage Sale is amazing for recycling, getting people to think that if they are going to throw something out let someone else use it.”

Wendy has decided to redirect her skills into local politics and has been put forward as a candidate for the local Community Board.

Meanwhile she is optimistic PL will thrive without her.

“There comes a time when you have to pass the baton, and if you’re there you get deferred to. I want these great people to fly just like I’ve flown. You have to make spaces and there’s always someone to fill that space. You have to let people feel confident that they can do it too.”

Wendy remains passionate about the community and the environment and has also contributed significant time to Urumau Reserve planting and governance which she will continue.

“I’m really interested in our local seed collection of remnant forest, making that happen on a larger scale.”

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