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Lyttelton Library of Tools and Things



See our inventory here: What tools can I borrow?

Hours: Saturday 10.00 am to 1.00 pm 

Location: Garage space under the community board rooms at 25 Canterbury Street.


The Lyttelton Library of Tools and Things is up and running and off to a successful start. 

Lyttelton people wishing they had the right tool for the job are having some of their wishes answered. LLoTTs is open for business and may be just the answer to that job you've been putting off. So far there have been 35 loans. From chainsaws to brush cutters members of the community have been able to get in and get stuff done without the hassle of buying or trying to borrow the right tool for the job. 

LLoTTs is a way of sharing common resources in a community that may otherwise sit in a garage and get little use. By making these items available in the community we reduce consumerism, make resources more widely available and empower the community. 

LLoTTS would particularly like to thank Christchurch City Council for their funding support from the Innovation and Sustainability Fund to help get us up and running. This fund supported with $7,588 in January 2018 to purchase tools, signage and for operational costs. We would also like to thank the Sustainable Initiatives Fund who more recently granted $4500 to the Lyttelton Library of Tools and Things to buy additional tools. This has helped us purchase some of the heavy-duty bigger ticket items likely to get the highest use once community wants and needs became evident as we grew. 

The LLoTTs team have been busy applying for funding, buying tools and recruiting members and recently held a pizza fundraiser at the 2019 Summerfest to continue to raise funds for purchase and maintenance. 

Advisory group member Paul Dietche has set up the software "MyTurn", which keeps records of subscribers borrowing tools and things, and the Stripe payment system to receive payments. 

The target for year one was 50 subscribers and we have met it! 

LLoTTs is always looking for new volunteers to help check tools in and out – you get a free subscription and to be part of a great team! 

Fun Fact: The Top 10 items loaned are;  

brush cutter, hedge trimmer, telescopic lopper, battery chain saw, tree saw, shedder, spade, orbital sander, axe 
Subscription rates set for 2019 are:- 
A. 1x time credit for a 6 month membership. (After 6 months the subscriber has the option to continue paying via a Time credit or  choose to pay $NZ). 
B. $20 for 6 month membership. 
C.$40 for a 12 month membership. 


Enquiries can be emailed to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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