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Lift review: Money as debt


A film by Paul Grignon  2006

Available as a DVD and on

This 37 minute film will appeal to all viewers interested in the topic of money, past and present - and may even bring some viewers to become interested though they never were before.


Some, like me, will need to watch it twice, as the first time they will be so amused and stimulated by the clever animation, the startling statements, and relevant, thought-provoking quotes from famous politicians, bankers and economists, that they will miss some of the ideas and their connections.

Others, who already know many of the ideas, will just smile and chuckle and nod and say "Right!!", after trying to mentally argue with them.

Much of the material is already found in important books, such as Bernard Lietaer's "The future of Money", and Thomas H. Greco's "The End of Money", both of which can be challenging to the uninitiated in the world of finance and economics. But this film will enlighten and convince the ordinary viewer, so that such books will then become more accessible.

It traces the history of money and banking, revealing the reality behind appearances, and then offers four questions, and various answers currently in use and under discussion, such as barter, LETS, and interest-free money. The website is worth a look too.

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