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What can I offer?

What you can offer is limited only to your imagination.

Sometimes people find it difficult to work out what skills to offer as a Time Bank member. You can offer any skill except what you do for your taxable income, as the LTB currently holds a tax exemption status from the IRD on this basis. We often don't realise how valuable our other skills are. That means things that we are good at, things we enjoy, hobbies or talents. Be creative!

Sometimes people feel they have no spare time. But if we do the things we like, for instance sewing or cooking, and get another member to do the things we don't enjoy so much, for example gardening, we find the time we do have is spent more enjoyably and we are also helping others in our community.

Some of the skills being traded by Time Bank members:

Cooking, sewing, gardening, child minding, dog walking, odd jobs, card making, knitting, painting, working bees, wood stacking, computer help, pruning, music lessons, marketing advice, basic accounting help, listening, spread sheeting, puppetry, preserving, nurse aiding, rides for shopping and appointments, home help, photography, meditation, felting, needlework lessons, graphic design, cleaning, help during illness, window washing, craft work, building, use of trailer, parenting help and resources, computer tutoring, motherhood support, Japanese, proof reading, bicycle maintenance, yoga, soap making, ESOL tutoring, companionship, art lessons and much more!